Miley Cyrus Pokies At Nobu

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michael-garcia - September 6, 2016

Everyone's favorite wild child, Miley Cyrus, was seen poking through her shirt while getting her car at Nobu in LA. Miley was, of course, not wearing a bra. Why would she? When you are young and have a nice bouncy pair of perkies like she does there is no need. They stay up on their own in defiance of gravity and the will of God. That's how powerful I think Miley's ta-tas are. She looks cold because her nipples are about to bore holes through that shirt. Miley has settled down a bit over the last couple of years. She doesn't run around naked in public as much as she used to. I guess she's growing up, though I don't think that's any reason to stop running around naked in public. You can be plenty mature and still show some skin.

I have a theory that Miley Cyrus was not born in a conventional way. It think she hatched fully formed out of Billy Ray Cyrus' mullet just like some Greek gods did from Zeus' leg. 


Photo Credit: Splash/PacificCoastNews

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