Miley Cyrus Pasties Are A Gif To Us All

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bill-swift - July 31, 2015

If there is one thing I know about Miley Cyrus it is that she is always up to something interesting. There is never a dull moment when Miley is around. One of the things that Miley most surprises people with is her choice of wardrobe...or lack thereof. For example, she very often doesn't wear a bra. Or a shirt. But she does enjoy wearing pasties. In these gifs, Miley is sporting a pair of light up pasties as she wiggles around with her tongue out as she is wont to do. I could give or take her music, frankly. But what I do enjoy the most is looking at her lovely perky boobies. That is my favorite thing about Miley. God bless Billy Ray Cyrus and his genes.

I also like that these images are gifs. I very much enjoy the moving image. That's why I went to film school, after all. That and all the foreign movies with naked chicks I had to "study".

Photo Credit: Snapchat/Instagram