Miley Cyrus Loves To Show Off Her Knockers, And Concerts Are a Great Place to Do So

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bill-swift - December 11, 2012

I'm not exactly sure who it is that attends Miley Cyrus concerts, I figured it was mostly young girls and the deaf, but the way Miley dresses at her live events, I could see a few dudes like me mixed in their, trying desperately not to look worthy of arrest. And why not, with Miley Cyrus over the weekend at the Fonda Theater at an event aptly named 'Christmas Creampies" in a truly award winning revealing boob-tube top and some stretched on tight pants, she was working the stage like a woman with many more years experience than her twenty years.

Now, despite the gravel-voice, you know how we feel about Miley. She's earned the right to flash her little pop diva body wherever and whenever she wants to. Who else works out harder and more commando than Miley Cyrus? Who else can endure a grueling Pilates workout followed by an American Spirt and a sweaty skin-flash to awaiting cameras. Yes, Miley has got some serious skills, and two of them were on proud display at the Fonda. Enjoy.