Miley Cyrus Is Smarter Than You

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Lex Jurgen - December 16, 2015

The Miley Cyrus attention train keeps rolling on. Depending on how serious you believe she takes her own shtick, she's either the world's biggest self-aggrandized circus clown or she's a genius marketer who's found a raunchy niche that prints endless amounts of money. It could be a combo. How does she get Maxim magazine to name her the sexiest woman in the world before they slip into oblivion, rake in $100 million on a tour featuring German sheizen video antics, and make herself over as an established old school celebrity in a Very Murray Christmas? It's either blessed fortune rained down by a God who forsook her in the lineage department or its some kind of feral dog street smarts. The social phenomenon probably says more about our world than shifting views on radical Islam or why women think cheesecake doesn't make you fat if you consume it in small, individually wrapped portions. Nice Caitlin Jenner impersonation. Can I borrow fifty bucks?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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