Miley Cyrus In Her Underwear Behind the Scenes of Wrecking Ball with Terry Richardson

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bill-swift - September 11, 2013

Miley Cyrus is covering all her bases these days. Well, uncovering a few bases as well according to the eagle-eyed among you who caught her second base bare in the caps we ran from her new explicit Wrecking Ball video. They're calling it explicit despite the fact that it's clearly been censored of almost any instances of nudity, but, still, as far as music videos go, it's pretty racy. And, I guess you have to say, it worked.

Now, Miley is piling on, with photos during her photoshoot from famed celebrity photographer Terry Richardson, the lucky bastard who invented the ingenious means of getting sextastic ladies into his hotel room or private studio for promotional fun time photoshoots. Now, Miley in her underwear costume for the music video. He does get to see some sights. He's also generous enough to share, so we can't fault him for his benevolence. Though it might be boastfulness. Enjoy.