Miley Cyrus Hot Body Body of Work for V Magazine

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bill-swift - May 2, 2013

Don't think Miley Cyrus hasn't been hitting Pilates and yoga and even cutting back to just a few smokes a day for no reason. She's built herself one very tight, taut little short person body in Tinsel Town that's undeniably toward the top of the charts. And even as a semi-spastic gravel voiced pop diva, she's going to be recognized for that body. She deserves that. And she is doing just that in the new edition of V magazine.

The results are really quite stellar. While the hair remains something of a post-latent teen rebel silly bit of business, there's no denying that I'm quite jealous of Miley touching her own fabulous litte funbags and showing off her legs and midriff and other stretches of hot celebrity skin. She's all grown up and looking good. I can not hate. I can only leer. Enjoy.