Miley Cyrus Goes Daisy Duke to Flash Her Own Summer Legs in the Big Apple

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bill-swift - August 25, 2012

It's hard not to spot Miley Cyrus these days what with her new blonde tank girl do and her high energy strutting about L.A. and N.Y. now that she's pretty damn sure she's got a tight body and that everybody is noticing. I suppose it also helps her look likely that she rarely wears underthings, gets that nice summer breeze up into her breeze ways.

With all the sextastic celebrities battling for hottest legs of the summer, you know Miley was not going to be left out of the competition, throwing on some blue jean short shorts to spotlight her Pilates toned limber limbs and make at least a few of us Miley desirers imagine the various pinning position those legs could muster in the heat of passion. Enjoy.