Miley Cyrus Flashes Her Red Bra As a Sign She’s In Love With Exhibitionism

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bill-swift - June 9, 2012

Married, single, engaged, or unattached, you will never stop Miley Cyrus from flashing her underwear, or on days she's going commando, even a bit less.

Clothes are but a nuisance to this country girl turned gravel-voiced pop music star. She does not like clothing. Doesn't seem to spend too much on fashion ever, doesn't seem to like to wear much ever. And for this, well, gosh darnit, we've got to salute Miley for being a girl after our own hearts. Who doesn't want a girlfriend who doesn't give a crapola about shopping and mostly just likes to walk around half-nekkid, or, as she did this morning, flashing her bright bra left and right and then left again as she danced through the New Orleans Airport.

And, yeah, we looked. And we likely won't ever stop. Enjoy.