Miley Cyrus Engaged! And Braless in Malibu

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bill-swift - June 8, 2012

Well, you know, a Tennessee girl isn't going to stay young forever, so Miley Cyrus at 19 has decided to take the plunge before life passes her by, agreeing to marry Liam Hemsworth, the kid brother of Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor and, as I have mentioned, looks an awful lot like a girl I got to third base with in high school.

But none of that should really deter from the sheer and utter joy at seeing your teen daughter getting hitched, as Trish and Billy Ray Cyrus have expressed their extreme pleasure at the marital plans between the two. And who wouldn't want their teen daughter getting married to a pretty boy actor guaranteed by nature to break her heart? I know I would.

And lest you think marriage is going to change Miley in any manner -- nope. The gravel-voiced diva was back at work the same day her engagement was announced, braless and poking on a photoshoot in Malibu. Love, honor, and commando flashes, those are Miley's vows. Enjoy.