Miley Cyrus Banging and Crotch Grabbing For ‘Bangerz’ Album

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bill-swift - August 30, 2013

I can't help but feel that Miley Cyrus is going through her awkward coming of age years, though she's twenty. Call it a stunted youth thanks to the Disney machine keeping her artificially pre-pubescent for so long as they do to their teen girls they need to pretend aren't sexual creatures., or just call it a late blooming, but Miley is reminding me of a lot of girls who hit high school with a naughty attention getting bent. In short, the girls I really liked a lot.

But delayed or not, Miley is making up for lost time these days with her public and promotional tongue wagging, body bending, commando dressing, and all around crotch grabbing and innuendo, including in promo pics for her new album, Bangerz. You make the call on that last bit.

As for Egotastic!, we welcome and appreciate a girls maturation into full blown look-at-me-now-womanhood wherever and whenever it occurs. Twerking or no twerking, we are still going to be inspecting the goods. Enjoy.