Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene Pictures Are Sexy Out Loud in Paris

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bill-swift - September 8, 2010

I have a dream. And in my dream, there are two hot girls, and me, and a banjo. We're in Paris, me, the two hot girls, and my banjo. We stroll the wide boulevards, the hot girls giggle a lot, and I just never stop picking that darn banjo. I play it faster and faster as the hot girls hop into a fountain and become soaked. I hit the ultimate solo, kind of like the end of Freebird, where I just take it to a new height and then... blammo! The song is over. And so is the dream.

I was recalling this dream as I watch Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene romp through the City of Light filming some silly romantic teen movie thing that my legal-in-seven-states girlfriend will probably make me watch someday. I lust hard for Ashley Greene, her in her bra peek looking all sexy and actress-like. And Miley Cyrus, well, she has her sextastic moments of boob and butt shaking that no girl her age ought yet know about, but yet we don't necessarily want to outlaw. You are free to have your own dream. Or we can share. Dreams. Not girls. Enjoy.

Photo credit: / Fame / INF Photo