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elliot-wolf - September 8, 2017


If you turn the lights out and say the word millennial three times in the mirror Miley Cyrus will appear behind you to take a "selfie for the gram." Millennials are very misunderstood and Cyrus went on Ellen DeGeneres' show to clear things up. If anyone could properly explain things like hashtag culture and how having millions of followers qualifies you as a bonafide celebrity there would be no better person for the job than millennial Miley. She's so hip she can twerk and stick her tongue out at the same time. Talk about talented. 

"One thing people my age don't understand are millennials," DeGeneres, 59, said, "and I don't like ignorance. So, I want us all to be open and try to understand one another. So, I asked one of my friends to help me bridge the gap between millennials and my generation."In a segment the host referred to as "Mileyennial," DeGeneres asked Cyrus, 24, a series of questions about the younger generation. 

She broke down topics like why Millennials take pictures of their food, appreciate music festivals, and come up with new dances. The segment was basically Ellen playing the role of goofy uninformed host as usual while Miley explained obvious answers to anyone not living under a rock. But since most American baby boomers share similarities with Patrick Star, the explanations Miley gave seemed revolutionary. Crazy how most modern millennial music festivals are over-saturated with wanna be free spirits with camera phones. Woodstock was the real revolution. Weed, weird sex, and wild music. Minus the cell phones that only cause distraction and divided attention at every event. 

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