Mila Kunis Chesty Hot Comeback For CinemaCon Awards

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bill-swift - April 15, 2016

Consider Mila Kunis officially back. And front, oh, that front. The brunette hottie has been on something of a hiatus outside of whiskey commercials taped a ways back since she decided making a baby with Ashton Kutcher would be a fabulous idea. There's no accounting for taste or mate selection. But there is a warm feeling that spins all over the body and courses through the veins at the sight of Mila Kunis returned to sextastic MILFtastic form and once more showing off her petite, but heavenly body.

Mila was pimping and preening for the CinemaCon gathering of film exhibitors in Vegas looking like a million damn cleavetastic dollars. Her looks highlighted by her showy dress and her award winning smile. Literally, I think they gave her an award for that. Let us hope this is the beginning of much more Mila Kunis visual treats to come in 2016. We missed her so much this past year, my stalker shrine often cried late into the evening with pangs of longing. The worst pangs of all. So, hot, Mila. Welcome home. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Splash