Mike Tyson Making New Comedy About Weed Farming

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elliot-wolf - November 1, 2018

It doesn’t get much more unorthodox than Mike Tyson. I’d suggest he fire his business manager that continually encourages Mike’s peculiar behavior, but it keeps him relevant. I’ll admit, before the Mike Tyson Mysteries cartoon, the thought of Tyson solving problems like Scooby Doo never crossed my mind. So at least he’s consistent with the ideas coming out of left field. Because I also thought I would never see a scripted comedy starring a retired boxer that now grows reefer for a living. But that's apparently coming down the pipeline. The idea sounds like Tyson saw the Tegridy Farms episode of South Park once and said "I can do that." #CancelMikeTyson.

Mike Tyson is working on a TV series based on his own life, not as a boxer, but as a marijuana grower on his real-life weed farm. And it’s a scripted comedy — which he will star in.

A collaboration between Tyson and his business partner Rob Hickman, “Rolling With the Punches,” is currently shooting at Tyson Ranch office in El Segundo, California, an individual with knowledge of the project tells TheWrap. The source says Tyson is describing the project as in the vein of Larry David’s HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

At the rate Hollywood is going, they’ll never run out of content. For the longest time, the formula has been one part past their prime household celebrity name and one part getting the past their prime celebrity to participate in unexpected activities. Add some studio lighting and a camera and you have yourself a show. I can’t wait for the first few episodes of Mildly Entertaining Things Derek Jeter Likes To Do After Dark.

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