Mike Tyson, Gaming Guru, Can Take on One Hundred Chinese Gamers at Once

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bill-swift - September 11, 2013

As we all know damn well, Mike Tyson is a dude of many, many talents. He can punch face with quite terrifying power and accuracy ( voted him the Hardest Hitter in Heavyweight History, no less, in a charming little display of alliteration addiction). He can perform emergency impromptu ear-ectomies when the need arises. He can... y'know, all that other shit he's so great at.

In sum, he's a true renaissance man. Like Galileo, without the craptacular beard. But who -WHO- would have thought he was also the undisputed champion of the world... of video games? Nobody who saw Glass Joe beat him to death in Punch-Out!!, that's for damn sure, but there it is. Buckle up, gentlemen, for a heaping helping of Tyson bravado.

Today, he's telling all of China that he can kick their asses at Xianxia Shi Jie, the freshly released RPG. The challenge he issued on his Chinese blog reads, quoth Kotaku, "I can beat 100 players! Believe it or not... come and test the game at 2pm, I'll be waiting for you!" This little missive was left last week, and it is unknown whether Kid Dynamite did indeed leave all comers a mangled heap of defeated shame on the floor.

But surely he did. He is, after all, quite a guy.

For more of Mike's love for all things Chinese and/or general madness, take a look at the original story here.

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