Mike Shanahan Got Trucked at Redskins Practice Today

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michael-garcia - May 22, 2012

Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan got drilled in the back today by a cornerback covering a long pass, and apparently it was pretty nasty. The Redskins were in their indoor practice facility during OTAs, and while coach Shanahan was watching one side of the field, he got blindsided by defensive back Brandyn Thompson, according to the Washington Times. Linebacker LondonFletcher said it was 'pretty bad looking.'

He wasn't able to brace himself for the collision, either. He had his back to the play, so definitely a very scary feeling for a while out there.

Sheesh. Trainers and players rushed to Shanahan, and a cart was brought out. Shanahan eventually got up and walked off on his own power, but wasn't up to meeting with the media afterwards. It sounds like Shanahan is going to be okay, but he'll be feeling it tomorrow for sure.

Article by Eric Gray