MicroSD Spy Coin Has Gigabytes of Secrets On the Inside

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bill-swift - June 21, 2013

Got files you need to hide? As long as it all fits into a microSD card, then you're all good. It's easy trying to hide a memory card as small as these, but if you're extra paranoid, then the MicroSD Spy Coin is just the thing for you. They're made using actual coins that have been hand-machined to give you that little bit of hollow space in between.

Once your microSD is tucked safely inside, just fit the other half of the coin over it and press firmly to seal it. No one else can open it (and get to your memory card) because the coin can only be opened with the use of a special opening tool that it comes packaged with.

Just make sure you don't lose it, because you'll end up being the tool who can't open the Spy Coin anymore if you do.

Get It: $25

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