Michelle Trachtenberg’s Ass: Coming to a Theatre Near You

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bill-swift - August 30, 2006

So, I need to admit something. I don't always pay as close attention as I should. While reading the blogs I read everyday, I'll generally skim the content for anything that pops out at me, but I don't usually go through everything word for word.

And while I did see some small versions of these great pictures of Michelle Trachtenberg from Mean magazine on Pink is the New Blog the other day, I didn't really read what was written underneath. However, after finding the large versions from this sexy photoshoot, I went and re-read what Trent wrote, and here it is:

In the interview, Michelle talks about her new movie Beautiful Ohio which was directed by Chad Lowe and produced by Hilary Swank. She also reveals that she has a butt shot in one of the scenes. She didn't use a stunt ass, y'all ... get your tickets now!

Yes, that's right, Michelle Trachtenberg's ass will be on display. Now that's attention grabbing. As of yet, there's no release date, but I'll let you know when I find out.

So, the moral of the story: Always read things carefully. And Michelle Trachtenberg shows off her ass.