Michelle Suppa Bikini Pictures Drop the Killer Curves Along the Coastline

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bill-swift - June 30, 2012

You may remember Michelle Suppa from her roles in a few of the American Pie straight to video movies, or you may just hail her as one of the hotness prides of the Great White North, a truly curvaceously sextastic Cannuckian who delivers a solid no-straight-lines-on-this-body visual in the Fall 2012 edition of American Curves magazine.

If her full and delicious boobtastic doesn't get you on the approach, her bait-geared booty will surely have you hooked on her turn around departure, her entire bodily package just delivering what else, but some of the hottest curves we've seen in a while. Oh, hot girls in white bikinis, how completely defenseless you leave the male observer. Enjoy.