Michelle Rodriguez Tight Bod In A Bright White Bikini

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aldo-vallon - August 14, 2018

How Michelle Rodriguez was able to make a career out of portraying characters that were tougher than many male roles, while retaining her sexiness is an anomaly that science has yet to be able to explain. Usually when I see a woman open a beer bottle with her belly button I am left as turned off as the oven of a responsible home owner. But if I was to see Michelle do it I would probably buy a whole case of beer just to keep watching her do it.

By the way, I said if I saw Michelle do it. That does not mean that I have ever seen her do it, nor do I claim she currently has the ability. I felt like I needed to make that clear, I did not want to be responsible for a spike in google searches for that sort of thing. It could lead to the newest weird trend in porn. It would not be the weirdest, but I still feel we are better off without it. There are enough subgenres to sift through that I would rather not deal with this as well. And if it already exists, I am happier not knowing.


Photo Credit: MEGA