Michelle Lewin Thong Song Sun Like a Thumping Angel

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bill-swift - December 4, 2014

You know my disdain for superlatives, but this might just be the best thong ever invented. It's kind of there, it's kind of not there, it's kind of being consumed into the asstastic of Michelle Lewin in a manner I've dreamed of happening to my entire self many a night. Wow. It's like the string around the finest Christmas gift package ever. Okay, so some superlatives.

Michelle Lewin didn't even make it as far as the beach today. Just the pool where I imagine trying to be an un-obvious ogler among the gentlemen set was nearly impossible as Michelle posed and preened in her tiny top and dental floss thin bottom, baring that hard worked body of hers. I'd be moving my sombrero off my head so as not to frighten the children nearby. Michelle Lewin, that thong and thumper of yours ought to be illegal. And I'd like to be the cop who arrests you for it. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News