Michelle Lewin Bikini Top Muscles on Muscle Beach (Oh, Those Damn Short Shorts Are Killing Me)

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bill-swift - February 4, 2015

Michelle Lewin decided to defect from Miami for a while and bring her fitness training muscular bikini body for playtime on the West Coast at Venice Beach. To say she's made an immediate and lasting impression on the locals at Muscle Beach is something of an understatement. Between her rip-roaring pythons, the bikini tops and the tights tiniest shorts around, Michelle Lewin isn't exactly a visual wonderment you soon forget.

Now I will admit that strong women scare me. I don't mean women with strong personalities, though they intimidate me too. I mean girls who can pick me up over their heads and spin me in a helicopter. I get air sick pretty easily. I'm kind of hoping Michelle just opts to give me the job of oil rubdown boy. I might get a few harsh comments, but at least I get to keep my feet on the ground and my hands on those lady muscles. I ironed my apron just in case. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash