Michelle Lewin Bikini Thong Booty Fitness Madness Along Miami Beach

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bill-swift - March 27, 2014

I can't imagine a more muscularly toned looking hottie appearing in a tinier thong even in my imagination. Michelle Lewin takes the cake. Err, probably skips the cake and eats the whey powder and does fifty squats. She's quite the shapely gal. I can't imagine she has trouble selling herself as a fitness instructor, just showing off how she can crack concrete between her booty cheeks must be an impressive sales pitch.

The showy perfection model strutted across and atop Miami Beach in one special lucky little thong, showing off her all over hot bodied goodness, including that world class thumper that make me want to get to the gym more often, not to work out, but to check out girls with tight bums doing leg exercises. Michelle Lewin is inspiring to say the least. The thought of oiling down her muscles leaves me in need of a nap. Enjoy.