Michelle Hunziker Tugs On Her White Bikini

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michael-garcia - July 20, 2016

Michelle Hunziker gave everyone an eyeful of her booty in a white bikini poolside. The blond bombshell was relaxing on a hot day in a tiny white bikini. Michelle's luscious funbags were looking appropriately wonderful. She's got quite a pair on her, as we all know well. But it is in the downstairs department that things really get exciting. First of all, she's got quite a wonderful and shapely booty. It's nice and round but slender, a winning combination. When she went to adjust the bottom she gave them a tug and let us get a peek at her unencumbered butt. Oh, it is glorious, my friends. I can hear choirs of angels singing when she showed off that booty. 

She got off to a good start with her choice of bikini. Not only is it revealing, it is also white which means it grows somewhat see-through when wet. I think all bikinis should be white. 


Photo Credit: Splash