Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures Return to Glory! (That’s My Future Adopted Mom)

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bill-swift - July 3, 2014

I kind of understand that in this whole process of reviewing papers on my request for Michelle Hunziker to adopt me as her legal child in need of care and nursing she somehow decided to get get married again and have another baby. I didn't quite anticipate this delay, though I doubt it will affect the ultimate conclusion of Michelle and her veteran hot bikini body taking me into her home as one of her own.

Michelle made her big bikini return following her second turn at MILFhood, her first being about sixteen years earlier, by hitting the hardcore beach in Miami where hot models and TV show hostesses battle for bodily supremacy. It's hard to imagine she went through the entire child birthing process and came out a few months later looking like this, but it's true. The former Wetten Daas variety show hostess looks like a million bucks. Though I think I'll just call her mommy. Enjoy.