Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures Pregnant With Curvaceous Anticipation

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bill-swift - July 9, 2013

Yes, I've been getting all those letters from many outraged readers when I get all high and lust-filled from ogling some of the with-child sextastic celebrities that we cover. Like this last letter that ready simply, 'you sick f--k'. It was short and to the point. But, my dad has never been once to mince words.

If leering at sweet hot future-mommies who might also be my adopted mom like Michelle Hunziker is some kind of illness, well, then I'm prepared to enter the sick ward. And I will wear my diagnosis like a badge of honor. For I see nothing wrong with filling the passion tanks full of, um, passion juice, while eying Michelle's fertile form up and down and every which way around her bikini while on vacation in Italy. In fact, I'm going to share both sets of bikinis Michelle and her growing curvy frame showed off this weekend...

Go on and dismiss this awesome fetish. That just leaves more 'M in the World MILF' for me to adore. Who's with me? Huh? What? Somebody? Anybody? Enjoy.