Michelle Hunziker and Gaia Trussardi Bikini Pictures Show off Hot Prego Mom and Soon To Be Hottie Sister-in-Law

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bill-swift - July 30, 2013

My future adoptive mother Michelle Hunziker is really bursting at the sextastic seams on her extended bikini vacation with her wealthy new Italian fiancee, and now has added his model sister in a bikini to the mix. I really can't wait to join this family.

Sure, at some point, Gaia Trussardiwho is the ambitious model turned creative director of her father's fashion empire will loathe the living hell out of her dumb brother's new older wife, laden with an heir to the estate. But, for now, it's just two gals, one curvaceously pregnant, hanging out in their bikinis at the beach shooting the breeze. A breeze I sure would like to sample. Enjoy.