Michelle Hayden Bikini Paddle Boarding In Maui

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bill-swift - July 10, 2014

The lovely Michelle Hayden took some much needed R&R from being professionally hot with a paddle boarding adventure in Maui. Lucky for us she decided to do it while wearing a tiny white bikini. Michelle has what I call a Goldilocks rack. It's not too big or too small but is just right. Her ta-tas are perfectly displayed for our viewing pleasure. There is some lovely cleave with a splash of sideboob. The bottoms also show off her tremendous booty and thighs. I am a thigh man through and through and I appreciate a good pair. Michelle is nicely toned throughout. I'm not entirely sure what paddle boarding is. It just looks like rowing yourself around on a surfboard to me. I'm not sure I "get" it. Whatever it is it seems to be working to keep her in redonkulously good shape.

This Maui sounds like a magical place full of palm trees, hot ladies, and weird paddle sports. Maybe I can convince Egotastic to send me there on a fact finding mission. You know, for work.

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