Mia Khalifa Has A Heart For Hurricane Victims

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elliot-wolf - October 10, 2017

Watch MNF and Chill (All Sept proceeds going to Houston relief efforts) from MiaKhalifa on

When a well-known sex worker manages to donate her monthly earnings to help hurricane victims it gives the world a little bit of hope. Communities can be rebuilt. A reputation for receiving multiple men at a time cannot. It’s almost like her donation means more than that dollar you contributed only because the cashier caught you off guard. Your salary didn’t come from servicing random men on your knees. Say what you want about Mia Khalifa but a highly paid prostitute turned philanthropist is pretty alright in my book. 

"#PuberMe #ItsForAGoodCause I’m also donating my September Twitch.TV earnings and donations to hurricane relief. Link is in my bio if you want to contribute ♥️" #Puberme is a hashtag created by talk show host Stephen Colbert for celebrities to post awkward teen pics in what Deadline called a "a positive and lighthearted way to bring awareness and aid to Puerto Rico and everyone affected by the recent hurricanes."

The money she’s donating is mainly coming from her Twitch stream. Which is a company that figured out how to make money from allowing strangers to watch people play video games. Amazing how that exact scenario was free a few years ago because your sibling would always refuse to hand you a controller to play. So by default you were forced into your first virtual voyeur experience a la Tomb Raider circa 1995. Who knew making money off childhood trauma could be so profitable. Mia is basically making money doing nothing. Easily earning her way into the top tier of Twitch earners because of her tits. Because she figured out Mario Party 10 looks so much more inviting to teen boys with her milk canons in the peripheral. 

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