Metta World Peace Went After James Harden Again

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michael-garcia - May 16, 2012

Somehow I missed this last night, but watching a team get blown out like the Lakers did leads to a lot of channel flipping and phone checking. Maybe I was out of the room, but either way I didn't see Metta World Peace getting tangled up with James Harden again.

Harden, who probably still has nightmares over the first time Metta Ron Artest attacked him, was boxing out World Peace. Shockingly, the play became more physical than it needed to be, thanks to Ron-Ron, and ended up with World Peace's arm and elbow near Harden's head and Harden ending up on the ground. It was nothing like the elbow from a few weeks ago, and it wasn't called anything more than a personal foul.

The crowd reaction is pretty loud, especially after they see their man James on the ground with MWP standing over him. Then they see the replay on the video board. At least that's what I'm guessing they're seeing when the second round of boos comes in. This series has the potential to get ugly. Last season the Lakers delivered a few cheap shots on Dallas in the final game of that series. Andrew Bynum was suspended at the beginning of this season for a forearm shiver he laid on J.J. Barea.

Let's hope they can keep their cool from here on out.

Article by Eric Gray.