Metropolis State Beats Gotham City University 7 – 0 During Filming of ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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bill-swift - October 22, 2013

The rivalry between Metropolis State and Gotham City University is one of the oldest in football, at least as far as fictitious comic-book colleges are concerned. And this past weekend, Metropolis was able to pull out a narrow seven-point road win against their arch rivals. Of course, there were only two plays, and both were highly scripted, but a win's a win.
In case you're confused, I'm referring a scene from the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, which was shot on Saturday at a real game between East Los Angeles College and Victor Valley. Yes, both of those schools also sound fictitious, but apparently they are real. Batman-News has more details...

It started with Warner Bros. telling the crowd that they were going to be in Batman vs. Superman. Yes, a Warner Bros. representative referred to the movie as Batman vs. Superman. That's still not the official title, but it's one that keeps coming up. Warner Bros. also announced that this would be the opening of the movie. Then two scenes were filmed. Both plays were from around Gotham city's 30 yard line. The first play was a tackle for a Metropolis loss. The second was for a touchdown pass to the corner of the end zone for Metropolis. Then the bench cleared for Gotham and they had to break up a fight on the field. Gotham never even went on offense.

Zack Snyder was on set to direct, but Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck were absent. As you'll see in the clip above, the crowd was given Gotham football apparel for the scene. No word yet on how the scene fits in to the overall plot, but considering Gotham City's recent history with football games (i.e., Bane blowing up the Gotham Rogues' stadium), I'm sure things will not end well.

Batman vs. Superman, or whatever title they end up naming it, is slated for 2015. (Source)