Metisha Schaefer Underboob Bikini Magnificence

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bill-swift - May 1, 2017

WAGS Miami hottie and all around German giver of the great beach peeks, Metisha Schaefer wowed the gentleman ogler audience in South Florida with a bikini unlike any of her competition most certainly. Is that thing even street legal? Who cares, we're not on the street. Anything goes when your toes are touching nothing but sand.

The brunette European hot bodied transplant to Miami showed off stellar amounts of underboob in this ingeniously under-woven swimsuit top and a bottom that didn't hide much either. This isn't your grandma's beachwear, unless your grandma was quite the lady. You did come from somewhere, so let's assume she had her moments. Though perhaps not holding up her own sweet teats falling out of her macrame bikini half top thingamajig. Metisha, A for effort and creativity. I think you know how to earn the plus. Simply, let go of the bikini and begin a brief job. Oh, happy peeping days. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet