Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Doubles Up with Cyborg Slicing Fun (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 30, 2013

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will be here in just a few short weeks and there has never been a better time to dust off your ninja blade and boot up your cyborg battle software because this new entry in the Metal Gear universe will be slashtastic. There's no time for stealth and no need for bullets when you take control of a cybernetically enhanced Raiden this time around. You're getting new weapons to deal with new enemies and a super sophisticated combat system that's tough to master and easy to learn.

Help yourself to a double dose of video evidence as these videos focus on the nature of Raiden's enemies in this game (they're cyborgs just like him) and the power of his weapons (the sword can slice through anything pretty much). If you're not ready to get to slicing in another Metal Gear adventure after watching this stuff, then you must not like fun video games. Go try a pocket dating simulator or something.


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