Melky Cabrera’s Suspension Should Make MLB Change the World Series Home Field Policy

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michael-garcia - August 18, 2012

Remember when MLB commissioner Bud Selig decided that whichever league won the All-Star Game would get home field advantage in the World Series? It was a terrible decision then in 2002, and it still is today. Prior to that, they just alternated between the leagues. In the NBA and the NHL, whichever team has the best record gets home court or ice. It makes the most sense.

This year, the National League won, and the MVP of the game was the now suspended for 50 games Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants. Oh, he was cheating at the time, but the National League still gets to keep home field advantage. That has to piss off teams in the race for the American League pennant, right? It should.

Selig needs to stop making the All-Star Game have this faux-importance, because it doesn't and shouldn't. It's an exhibition and it is completely ridiculous that the regular season records aren't taken into consideration. They should be the only thing considered, not which league wins the summer exhibition game.

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