Melissa Casta Bambi Takes Her Pups To The Beach In Ridiculously Tiny Thong

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elliot-wolf - May 30, 2018

Every time I think of Bambi I tend to tear up. It’s always sad seeing a fictional character in a cartoon lose a loved one. But now I’m aware of another Bambi that also has the power to make a man like myself cry. Melissa Casta Bambi. But the tears she makes run down my face are tears of joy because she’s just so beautiful. And when she has her body wrapped in a bikini it’s a full-time job just to remember not to bawl at such a remarkable sight. Seeing her at the beach is the best present I can receive all year and my birthday as well as Christmas hasn’t passed yet.

I like that Melissa likes small animals. I tend to be an animal lover myself. I’d take my pet pygmy goat to soak up some sun alongside her but I believe we would be barred from entering the beach. Oh how I would love to trade places with her little dog. I’d eat up all attention Bambi had to give out. I’d probably be so overwhelmed that I would also have my tongue hanging out of my mouth as my happiness reflex. I doubt she would be able to carry me around but just having her arm around me in public is more than good enough for me.

Photo Credit: Splash News