Melanie Brown Cleavage Barely Contained For America’s Got Talent

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bill-swift - March 5, 2016

Scary Spice isn't so scary when you're just ogling her finely fluffed up funbags on display for the the red carpet of America's Got Talent. She's not even American, but I can most definitely see Melanie Brown's talents from all the way across the street perched in my spying tree. She's always been something of a showboat, but this mammarial spectacle might be her latest and greatest bit of funbag exhibitionist achievement in a family friendly setting.

Melanie has delighted us through the years with her curvaceous sweet yum body in various states of bare. Have big guns will travel and Melanie takes her sweater puppies everywhere she goes. Now who's got the talent, huh? Scary Spice does. Now if I only had a pair of scissors. Snip snip, oops. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Splash

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