Melania Trump Topless Photos Might Break the Internet (I Hate Cliches, But This Might Be True)

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bill-swift - April 13, 2017

Melania Trump just concluded her lawsuit with the DailyMail over calling her a prostitute. Shame on them. Though, if you know anything about DailyMail, you know this ranks as their 3,456th worst offense, of this year. 

Having said that, who isn't going to want to see the current First Lady topless? Several years ago I joked about us having a Presidential wife, let alone maybe a President, who'd we all want to see naked and she'd oblige. Those days seem so long ago and so innocent now.

Join me if you will in checking out the amazing Instagram photos of Melania Trump baring her funbags for the world to see. Pay attention North Korea and Syria. We are more than serious.

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