Melania Trump Skintight Leather Pants Or Just Perfect Legs

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aldo-vallon - December 31, 2018

I sure hope those are leather pants that the First Lady has on, otherwise her knees have some explaining to do. I was always told to look at a ladies hands in order to get an accurate representation of their age, but apparently knees could be another key indicator.

I consider myself to be an intelligent man, or at least a not unintelligent man, but I still do not understand the physics of tight pants. I have watched with great attention as a girl struggles into them, and I have even had a hand in getting a pair or two off. From what I can tell, tight pants obey the same laws of physics that cats do, which is to say none of them apply.

I hope Melania has a couple of assistants on hand to help her get out of the pair that she has on, because there is no telling if her husband is going to be free to help out. There could be a late night call from Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman that needs his immediate attention while the job is only half done. She can’t just be waiting in limbo for the call to wrap up, ironically unable to participate in the limbo while those pants are still on.




Photo Credit: Getty Images