Mel Gibson Owes Robert Downey A Favor

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jhanson - November 13, 2014

When Robert Downey Jr begged Hollywood to forgive Mel Gibson people were torn. Gibson represented a bigoted overlord oppressor type while anyone in the LA area would let Robert Downey cum in their hair just so they could tell their friends they are cool with him. Downey's plea helped as Gibson's pariah status has lessened to the point that most people in the biz will invite him to their Seder should he get a new blockbuster financed. Downey is now saying he will only make another Iron Man movie if Gibson is the director, making Robert Downey the most loyal and charitable friend on earth who shits Skittles and has a cute Jr after his name. Gibson is a devout Christian so this concept should be familiar. Downey is Jesus and Gibson is the hideously deformed anti-Semitic leper. I fell asleep in bible study before I found out what happened next, but I think it was Iron Man IV grossing one billion worldwide despite being mediocre at best.

Photo Credit: Twitter