Mel B See Though Outfit at Americas Got Talent

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rusty-mattis - August 17, 2017

There's nothing wrong with admitting you listened to the Spice Girls. Nothing wrong with admitting you may still watch to the Spice Girls, with the sound down. Nothing wrong with a sexy group of ladies who can sing. Just like there's nothing wrong with watching American's Got Talent just because Mel B is wearing a see-through top. Melanie Brown, better known as Scary Spice was always the sexiest of spices. Sure, I know people who go on and on about Baby Spice or Posh Spice, but for me, it doesn't get any better than Scary Spice. Well, I shouldn't say it used to not get any better than Scary Spice, because it doesn't get much better than Mel B. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know Scary Spice and Mel B are the same person, but that doesn't mean they are same sexy. You could say they are two different people with two different kinds of sexy. I did say that and I'm totally right. Hey, we all watch things for different reasons. Mel B's see-through top is a reason to do just about anything.

Photo Credit: Backgrid

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