Megan Rossee Is More Than Just Michael Phelps New Girlfriend, She’s Michael Phelps Ridiculously Hot New Girlfriend

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bill-swift - August 17, 2012

Look, you swim nonstop from age 7 to 27, six hours a days, seven days a week, and win yourself some Periodic Table Au medals, you're eventually going to taper off from the regimen and realize it's time to get laid, I mean, seriously laid. And when it's time to get serious about your boot knocking, and you're the seventeen-time champ like Michael Phelps, you're going to be looking at a cast of super hot models as your potential slap and tickle partner.

Say hello to Megan Rossee, statuesque blonde bikini hottie (a little Keibler-esque?) playing candidly in her two piece along the beach in Santa Monica and just looking all kinds of gold medal winner worthy. Heck, she's even wearing a gold bikini, and, yes, I know you already noticed that before you read this.

Winning isn't everything, but it is the thing you need to start tapping the top shelf product. Enjoy.