Megan Irwin Thongtastic Booty Cheeks

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bill-swift - March 22, 2016

Look, it's not like Australia has a shortage of hot blondes. But when it comes to world class models, there's no reason why we shouldn't employ the 'more the merrier' rule. Can we have too many epic looking Down Under sextastic models with perfect bodies and wicked smiles and long blonde locks? If you answer in the affirmative we can no longer be best friends. I lost a best friend once who insisted that AC/DC sucked. I won't lose another to an Australian massive misstep.

Speaking of massive, the epic hot looks of relative newcomer Megan Irwin. Megan is a fast rising fashion and swimsuit model from the Aussie capital who puts the hot in hotness in this Cameron Hammond photoshoot of Megan's front side, backside dual allure in and out of a little black bikini. It's clear that Megan has more than enough talent to compete at the top tiers. Whether she gets there will be a matter of putting her best teats forward and marching on no matter the obstacles. Also, my personal recommendation goes a long way. If you'd like to discuss your letter, I'll be in my office later to discuss, Megan. Say, around midnight? Just find the room where the Barry White is playing and the aroma smells like lavender mixed with SlimJims. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Cameron Hammond