Megan Fox’s Ridiculously Hot Esquire Video

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bill-swift - May 4, 2009

If you don't know what the Red One camera is, it's pretty much the sickest, most bad-ass digital photo and video camera ever. It puts my Canon 5D Mark II (which is awesome, btw) to deep, sorrowful shame. And what better subject to shoot for the Red One's first shoot ever than Megan Fox rolling around in her bra and panties in bed, and hanging out by the pool in her shiny swimsuit (complete with camel toe)!? Yeah... Big thanks to Esquire for mating the worlds of HD photo/video and Megan Fox's ass.

Also, for those techies out there, the stills that appear in the magazine are actually frames pulled from the video they shot. The camera's that good. So if you had to choose: Megan Fox, or Red One? That's a tough call...

Watch the Video:

Megan Fox Esquire Video