Megan Fox Foxy Cleavage

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earl-jonas - July 18, 2017

To say that Megan Fox is restrained with her Instagram presence is an understatement. The smoking hot actress doles out a handful of cleavage-baring pictures a year, but besides that, hordes all of the goodies for herself. Didn't she learn anything in grade school? You need to bring enough for the class, Megan. Otherwise, you're just being rude.

The foxy Fox's professional partnering with Frederick's of Hollywood to shill barely-there lingerie was a win-win for us professional oglers, as it ever so slightly upped her Insta game. Take, for example, this delightfully random selfie that Megan recently shared showcasing her perfect lips and hot cleavtastic action. One click will tell you that she sports none other than a Frederick's original. Git that cash girl. Frederick, or Fred if I may be so bold, you're doing God's work.


Photo Credit: Instagram

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