Meet Your New Bond Girl and Decide Whether You’ll Add Her to Your Rotation of Most Fappable Good Bond Girls Ever

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bill-swift - October 23, 2012

Oh, Bérénice Marlohe, the things I imagine us doing together: Saving the world from an evil villain, getting amorous in a steamy shower together, you teaching me how the hell to exactly pronounce that name of yours. While I lie to myself that what I'm really looking forward to on November 9th is all the new action, cool dialogue and badass deaths I'll witness in Skyfall, I'm really going in to the theater to take notes on the newest addition to the Bond girl canon and decide on whether I'll be getting faptastic at the AMC Cinema bathroom during the end credits to her character Sévérine (enough with the accents already), or if I'll go back into Bond's 50-year history and use one of my other favorites.

Everyone has their favorite Bond girl. They say variety is the spice of life and 007 beauties give you a little bit of everything. You've got computer programmer Natalya Simonova for you tech geeks, Vesper Lynd for the ones looking for love and Plenty O'Toole for guys who like a girl dumb and with huge jugs (There's also Christmas Jones for those who like to hate themselves).

So who are the best of the best? I'm talking the good girls you'd take home to mom after you finish escaping from an exploding submarine with them. It's easy for a girl to go bad, but sometimes you need a helping hand and these girls give Bond the leg up he needs, while flashing plenty of their own. So check out the gallery to run down the top 007 femmes as we get closer and closer to the 23rd film's release next month.

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