Medal of Honor Warfighter Gets You Into Single Player with Karachi Hot Pursuit (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 4, 2012

Our recent look at Medal of Honor Warfighter revealed a game that's big on polish and dramatic experiences in its single player mode and a multiplayer component with some unexpected innovation. We'll give you more on multiplayer later, but for now MoH Warfighter is coming off like a traditional Electronic Arts shooter where you're always going to know what to do next and special moments will standout.

The game's main story mode will include a "level" that has you ripping through the streets of Karachi in a Land Cruiser in pursuit of some guy you don't know but who must be caught at all cost. He shot some other dude you were tracking and now you've got to find this shooter so you figure out who he's working for and why they wanted your target dead.

It feels so much like a Middle Eastern, dusty version of a Need for Speed race the developers of the game decided to call it Hot Pursuit. And really the level of detail in this town as you race through the crowded streets full of traffic, pedestrians and what looks like real life in Karachi is remarkable. First off you're not going to catch the runner until you've had the chance to race around and see a good portion of Karachi. So you're racing through marketplaces knocking over tables of food and other items, weaving in between traffic lanes full of slow moving buses and taxis and bending corners into streets and alleyways that were built with horse and foot traffic in mind.

The destruction to your ride ends up being the most impressive visual in this section. We stayed locked in the behind-the-wheel perspective bouncing around the interior of our truck. Dirt on the windshield with cracks creeping across the glass with every collision are fantastic effects. Obstructed vision is part of the challenge here; if you want to be able to see that bench or concrete rail you're about to run into, then drive cleaner so your view is clear. Slamming into bigger and heavier obstacles --like buildings-- will slow you down and give you the sense that you're in the beginning of a cool action movie. You never get the sense that the guy you're pursuing is really going to get away from you. It's almost like he wants to be caught.

We'll have a lot more on Medal of Honor Warfighter very soon including details on the multiplayer component and the regular shooting part of the single player campaign.

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