Meanwhile Kourtney Kardashian Is Owning Instagram

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earl-jonas - August 29, 2017

While you guys weren't watching this weekend, Kourtney Kardashian was treating her close 58.5 million Insta friends to cleavtastic peeps at her bikini bod. The reality star sensation is often overshadowed by her headline-grabbing sisters, and while that's honestly still the case and will probably be the case until the end of time, today's let's take a break and head to the tepid waters of Kourtney's Instagram.

The sassy starlet lifts up her workout tank top in one pic to expose a tease of her sports bra, while in the other pic, Kourtney delivers all sorts of nipplie action in a tiny shiny bikini top. Her caption "float photos are so overrated" is very ironic and cool. Since it's not every day we remember that Kourtney is still with us, I threw in some other Insta highlights in the gallery in case we don't make it back to her. 


Photo Credit: Instagram