Meanwhile in ‘Mortal Kombat X’… The Xenomorph’s Doing What Xenomorphs Do Best

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chris-littlechild - March 2, 2016


The xenomorph, as we know, is the ultimate badass murdering machine. After all, it takes a special kind of bastardry to evolve acidic blood so that, even if you do kill them, they’re going to kill you too. What with all their clawing and eating and tiny-little-creepy-mouth-inside-their-mouth-ing, not to mention the coming outta the goddamn walls-ing, one thing has always been clear: you don’t eff with these things.

And if you try? Game over, man! Game over!

In short, if Leatherface, the Predator and other iconic killers made it into Mortal Kombat X, it’d be a goddamn injustice if the Alien alien didn’t too. Well, fear not, gents, because xenomorph is on its way to the game in upcoming DLC.

This iteration isn’t quite the same, though. As Destructoid reports, the alien featuring in the game will be ‘…a species cross-bred with Baraka, meaning that it’s different. It’s more upright and bipedal, and it has blades on its arms. It’s not quite the perfect organism that H.R. Giger created decades ago. But its special moves are wonderfully Giger-esque.’ Now, giving this thing yet more weapons to tear our scrotes off with seems a little like overkill. But hell, I’m on board with these Brutalities, Fatalities and such for sure.

Check out the xenomorph in action, fresh from NetherRealm’s latest Mortal Kombat X stream:

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