Meanwhile, Back in GTA 5 Proper: Ridiculous Deaths. Many, Many Times (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - October 3, 2013

Naturally, Grand Theft Auto Online is taking much of the uberviolent-sandbox-sim-flavored attention just now. Like a... sponge full of everyone's productivity (and the sad, sad tears of sadness of those who still can't get the damn game to work). But remember: Grand Theft Auto V itself still has a whole lot of stupid 'effing stupid to share.

Feast your quivering eyeballs on Dumb Ways to Die in GTA V, another compilation from Youtube's ‘too much damn time on their hands' series (which is... all of Youtube). It's a parody of the batshit crazy Dumb Ways to Die commercial, with an extra dose of good ol' fashioned bone-crunching violence.

Remember Homer Simpson's ill-fated attempt to leap Springfield Gorge on a skateboard? How he struck his head repeatedly on the mountainside as he plummeted to his cartoon non-doom? So do Michael, Franklin and Trevor. They've lived through that shit themselves; and much, much more. What happens to a guy standing atop a train as it goes under a tunnel? Nothing good, it transpires.

All the above clip is missing is that classic Benny Hill theme tune.