Me and Giada Ask For Your Discretion At This Time

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bill-swift - December 31, 2014

Oh, those trashy gossip rags. You really do need to get out ahead of them. I'm sure you've heard this morning that Food TV star and restaurant owner Giada de Laurentiis was splitting from her husband of eleven years. And you are well aware already of the culinary passions mostly involving dried figs and honey wine between myself and the petite busty cooking wonder.

Anybody can put two and two together, but I'd ask that you refrain from doing so even as Giada and I express the unbridled passions of our years long desire for one another. Ignore the stories and the rumors and the speculation, even try to ignore the plaintive wails of spent lust emanating from the Red Roof Inn Suites along the Hollywood Freeway, and just let love take its course.

Leaked sex photos to follow. Naturally. Thank you for your discretion.